Lets PLAY with Mama K.

Music is like a universal language that almost every human on the planet has some sort of emotional connection with. While not everyone would consider themselves to be a “musician”, we are all musical beings. This is a core philosophy of our immersive musical discovery program “Let’s Play Music”. Music is best learned by playing it, together.

We aim to open up your “Musical Mind”, and give you the keys to unlock those undiscovered parts of yourself. Our home studio is a welcoming safe space, for you to be your most creative and musical self without judgment or criticism. Our program is meant to help students of all ages on a path of self discovery

PRE-K Class

Mama Kilsmith’s Parents and Preschoolers Morning Playgroup is the perfect place to bring the Little One in your life, for a fun immersive learning experience.

We start our time together with Silly Songs, dancing, singing and Playing along to live music with Mama Kilsmith. Next we will listen to music from a different time or place in the world and learn about other kinds of music while we craft our own DIY musical instruments. And finally we will work on our rhythm, melody and harmony with a junk band jam, using the instruments we created.

{Coming FALL 2024} Elementary Ages (5-9)

At the elementary age we move away from “children’s nursery rhymes” and simple noise making instruments and start to explore age appropriate popular music, we let the children experiment in discovering other musical instruments (Ukulele - Piano - Percussion). We will explore vocal  techniques, breathing exercises, we will experiment in writing our own songs, with lessons on lyrics and rhyming schemes, simple song structure, melody and rhythm.

{Coming FALL 2024} Tweens (10-14) and Teens (14+)

At these age groups our students are young musicians in the making. They may be participating in their school chorus or band, or taking private lessons on a specific instrument, they're putting together their first garage bands, they're dreaming of becoming a music teacher someday, or a world famous rock star.

Our After School Groups are a great supplement to the musical education our students are already receiving at school or in their Private lessons at other studios.

This is an opportunity for musically minded kids to get together with their peers in a more relaxed environment, where curiosity is encouraged. With these age groups we will tailor our classes each week to the areas of interest of our students.

However we will have planned discussion topics each week to introduce students to various concepts in music theory, songwriting, music appreciation, and the myriad of ways to pursue a career in the music industry. As always, we’ll play music together as well as listen to and discover new music from the past and present and from all around the world.

Adult Private Lessons (Guitar - Vocal)

One on one instruction with Serena May. Learn and Practice Beginner to Intermediate Rhythm Style Guitar playing. Learn Chords, Chord Transitioning, Strumming Patterns and more. Play the music you love, with confidence!

Vocal Techniques to help you be a stronger singer. Sing without Strain, Improve your Vocal Power and Stamina, Expand your vocal Range. Perfect your Breathing and breath Support. Explore Warm Up techniques,  examine and elevate your Stage Presence, song choices, pitch, blend and tone.

Private Mentorships or Group Workshops


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